What to do in case of Car Accident

What to do and what not to do when car accident happens.

Once you where involved in an accident, first thing that must be done is to check the damages on the cars involved in the accident, and whether anyone of the people involved is hurt.

If there are P.Is (personal injury) or there are damages on one of the vehicles involved in the car accident or collision over $1,000 worth of repairs combined, police should be informed (dial 911).

When you have the chance, write down the plate numbers of all involved in the accident and exchange insurance information: insurance company name, policy number and name of the agent with phone number.

Never admit of wrong doing and never say “it’s my fault”. The circumstances of the real reason of the accident or collision may not always be clear at first and most definitely not if you are in unstable condition or shock after the accident.

In GTA tow truck drivers should arrive prior to anyone else, within the first 10 min. after the accident. The tow truck driver’s unwritten law establishes a first come first serve basis. The first driver that makes contact with you is the one that should tow you. Not everybody respects that law, and some try to convince you to use their services. The right thing to do is to go with the one that talks to you first.

Not all the tow truck drivers are informed on the specialist of your car make. For best results and for drivers who operate under dispatch with access to our data base, and for a professional service trust A Better Way Towing to assist you at any accident and obstacle you encounter on the road. We have detailed information on most collision mechanics in GTA, where your car can be restored, look better and drive stronger then before.

Even if you got towed in Toronto and you car is parked at the collision center you can still contact us for help. If for any reason you don’t want the tow truck driver that towed you in the collision center to tow your car again – call us and ask for our help. If your insurance doesn’t cover the towing after the accident you can always scrap the car instead of towing it from a collision center. Call us for more information on towing from collision as scrap.

If you get hurt during the accident then call family members or anybody who you trust to stand by in case you need to go to the hospital, and if you feel unstable then by all means do go. Healthcare is free and insurance companies under some circumstances will reimburse all time off work and all money that has been lost as a result of the accident.

In addition to that, insurance companies are obligated to each and one of their clients to cover therapy and rehabilitation program. Have a lawyer to start your rehab and therapy program same day of getting an accident lawyer.For information on accident/collision pain/injury lawyers contact us by phone or Email us your case with as much information as possible, and receive a fast and reliable response.