Mechanic Toronto | Auto Repair

A Better Way Towing is now offering not only a towing service to your home but all the information you need regarding your local mechanics.

We currently have a database where you can find all directions, reviews and 24 hours mechanics to help you out at any time. No more wondering where to tow your car in the middle of the night, with our tow truck drivers you will always know your best options.

With our rich archive your car will never be towed to closed gates but would be towed to a mechanic of your choice that operates 24/7.

In audition to 24 hours mechanics, we also offer a unique way of repairing your car or truck with the best repair price. All you have to do is Email us your car make and model and tell us what are the repairs that need to be done on your car and your area (nearest major intersection). In 24 to 48 hours you would receive several Emails (only once, no spam) from different mechanics and the free quotes on the repairs. You choose the price that fits you best and this is exclusively offered only by and to our knowledge, so far we are the only ones offering the type of auto repair service in GTA.