Collision Reporting Centre Richmond Hill

Report Car Accident in Richmond Hill

If you where involved in a car accident in Richmond Hill you must attend Richmond Hill collision reporting center. Here is the location in Richmond Hill to report a car accident.
Richmond Hill collision reporting centre
9350 Yonge st & 16th at Hill Crest Mall


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Roadside Assistance (647) 242-2243

Collision Reporting Centre Richmond Hill

After arriving at the Richmond Hill collision reporting centre you will need to go inside the reporting centre. you will receive a form to fill out from the officer describing the Car Accident you had and your information such as driving license, insurance (Pink Slip) and car ownership. when you done an officer will come out to inspect your Accident car and take photos. Then you will be asked where you taking the car and by then should know the Auto Body Shop of your choice to Fix your Car. If its after hours (after 6:00PM) you can Tow The car to the overnight storage and instruct the Tow Truck driver to deliver your vehicle to the shop the next morning. Also ask your Tow Truck Driver that was Towing your car if you entitled to a Replacement vehicle under insurance policy at no coast to you.