Collision Reporting Centre Toronto

Report Car Accident in Toronto

If you where involved in a car accident in Toronto you must attend collision reporting centre Toronto. Here is the location in Toronto to report a car accident.
Toronto collision reporting centre
113 toryork Dr Toronto, ON M9L 1X6


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Roadside assistance 6472422243
Collision reporting centre Toronto

After arriving at the Toronto collision reporting centre a police office will come out and inspect the vehicle. Then an agent will come out and take pictures and after the tow truck driver will tow the vehicle and drop it at the collision reporting centre pound. You have the right to take your vehicle at any given time from that pound with any towing company you like. As far as it go’s with the towing company to tow your vehicle out, The hardest part it to collect your vehicle from the road and deal with the competition. If your tow truck driver was nice and honest to you make sure you repay him by your loyalty. If any body in the collision reporting centre would try to solicit you to go with another towing company or to any other services which they might benefit we encourage you to write about it on our testimonial page at the bottom of this page and if you satisfied with your towing company STAY LOYAL to your tow truck driver who helped you from the start.

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