Private Property Towing Richmond Hill | Vaughan | Markham

A lot of property owners and property mangers in Richmond Hill and Vaughan city have being victims of illegal parking. If you are a property owner or property management company, you would know what this means. In the morning you wake up, get down to your parking just to find out somebody is taking your parking space as if it was theirs.

You know the feeling? Well if you want to put a stop to it, there is a good solution: A Better Way Towing.  For all your towing from private property needs call us today at 6472422243 and get your parking space clear from all the wrongfully cars parked there FOR FREE! Details Below.

UPDATE: New rules for towing illegally parked vehicles in Markham.

If you want to tow away illegally parked vehicle in Markham you must:

  • Be property owner or property manager
  • Fill Tow Form
  • call us to tow away the vehicle

We Will Contact Markham by law for you. AND

Why Towing from Private Property and not Ticketing?

Ticketing wrongful parked cars could be a headache for you and the results can be minimal, let us explain the process. to get a car ticketed you must call parking enforcement (if your security company don’t have the license to ticket cars). For big properties its even more difficult as new people come and go all the time and as old cars leave new cars stop by. people don’t care most of the time and $30 or so for parking ticket dose not seem as much hazard to them. you do more work by getting it there then them dealing with it, is that reasonable? NO. so what is your better option? A Better Way Towing. you call us, we tow the car away and the problem is gone forever. in most cases within the first week the parking problem is solved. nobody wants to drive in the morning to look for their car and loose all of that valuable time not mentioning the expanses. Towing Is The Solution. lets get to it.

How Does it Work?

Towing from private property process is simple:

  1. Spot the wrongfully parked car
  2. Fill the private property removal form
  3. Call A Better Way Towing to remove it

We also have an option where we cruise every night and automatically remove cars between 2-7AM. Please call for more details.

Who Pays for the Towing and Storage?

Who pays for towing you ask? Non other then the owner of the illegally parked car. no expanses whatsoever are charged to you as the owner or manager of the company who order us for the service. call us today and lets get that illegally parked car out of your parking and your parking space available to you again.

Download the Private Property Removal Form: