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scrap your junk car in Whitby. Tow away old car and forget the headache. Old cars take up space or worse gathering parking tickets and rust. Remove old car is the solution. Scrap car is any car that has absolutely no use to the owner. Most cars we receive are drivable and some even could pass safety and emission tests! But a car is a scrap car when it costs you more in repairs and time than to actually buy a new car. Statistic says old cars cost approximately $100 a month in repairs. It adds up to hundreds of dollars better spend on a newer vehicle.

Remove old car Whitby Tow away old car Whitby

The parking tickets are not doing any good to your wallet or your driving record. And you will have to pay them if you are planning to drive legally again. So if you think parking your old car somewhere very far and just forgetting about it… Now that’s a bad idea! Eventually a tow truck will tow your car to their pound and will charge you $65 or more for every day of storage for up to 60 days. THEN they will confiscate the car and will direct your information that they will get from the VIN number of your car to a collection agency and you will be obligated to pay for storage – that’s $65 times 60 days!

Then it’s the space consumption. Do you really have that much space so you can park a car there and forget about it? Eventually it will start bothering you or your wife – is it worth it? Getting rid of that scrap car might make some family problems go away and make you regain the extra space you where missing. Some scrap cars just make the whole neighborhood look bad, not just your property. Whether it is a fancy dealership or a nice house – do yourself and everybody else a favor, and scrap that car.

When the car has no use to you, when you pay $1000 for the new transmission and the engine is gone a week later, it’s a scrap car, let it go.

How does it work?

All what you have to do is take out the plates from the car and inform us if there are flat tires or if the car is in the underground parking. When we come we will need the ownership for the car and the keys, and in exchange we will provide an official company receipt as a proof of us taking responsibility on the car, as simple as that.

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