Tow From HWY 400 | Highway 400 Tow Truck Towing

Stuck on HWY 400 and need a tow truck to provide you with towing service on the highway? you are at the right place. A Better Way Towing have the right tow truck for you on Hwy 400 to help you tow your car of the highway to the destination of your choice.
When to order a tow truck on the HWY 400 you can expect Ultra Fast Arrive and clean Tow Truck and a friendly professional Tow Truck Driver. HWY 400 is not the best place to break down but your problem is solved in one phone call to us.

Wonderland Towing

car broke down at wonderland, Maple and you need a tow truck to tow you to the nearest mechanic? we can help! Especially if you looked your keys in wonderland. our wonderland tow truck driver will be happy to unlock your car door, provide you with a tire change or just boost your vehicle when you need a car boost in wonderland, Vaughan.


Bass Pro Towing | Vaughan Mills Towing

Tow truck at Vaughan mills is always ready tow provide towing and roadside assistance at the parking of Vaughan mills and bass pro.

Vaughan Mills Towing provide the next tow truck services at Vaughan Mills:

  • Tire change
  • car door unlock
  • car boost
  • towing

Vaughan Mills tow truck can even scrap your car if you decided you had enough from your vehicle breaking down.


For all your need A Better Way towing is The Vaughan Towing company for you.