Traffic Tickets

If an automobile collision occurs and the police arrive on scene, it is likely that one of the involved parties will receive a traffic citation to go along with the accident. Typically, the person receiving the ticket is the one that is being blamed for the accident. Often, the charges that come along with the ticket can be large and the fines hefty. Once you get over the fine, now you have to worry about the blemish on your driving record.

Although you have the ticket in hand now, there are ways that you can fight back against the ticket to help reduce fees or completely throw out the charges.

Should You Fight Your Ticket?

Surprisingly enough, over roughly one million traffic tickets are handed out every single year throughout Ontario. It is not uncommon for many of these tickets to have high fines and charges that are ridiculous or overly exaggerated for the charge. Although many of the charges are too high, only about 5% of the tickets are even fought.

When you fight your ticket, you can save extra cash, prevent an insurance hike, and ease some stress.